I wrote this a while back.You can get some laughs out of it.

I sent this open mail about 2 years ago to my oldschool mates at FGC Warri.Some liked it, some didnt.But i think you will.

PLEASE NOTE: The names of the original characters have been changed to protect their identity but most importantly, the safety of the writer.lol!:

Long time no see.I think you’ve brought up a very important topic that needs to be addressed.This issue of “yahooboys”. I am surprised that such a negative report like that can inspire laughter from Mr X. If not for the change in trend we should all be lying in sackcloth and ashes(thats a symbol of mourning by the way).

I would love for everyone to take this topic seriously cos it affects the next generation of Nigerians as well as the image of your country ,which in turn affects the way you all will treated when you have any dealings with the international community…..Doing business across the boarder has not been easy cos almost every western organisation I meet on the net says “we don’t ship to THAT country”.Can you imagine that.Well can you really blame them.There’s just too much corruption over here.

You know,I can really relate to this ‘yahooboys”. They are the offspring of an uninformed society.The children of ignorance like I once was. Back in the days in FGC warri,when the Lagos boys decided to turn things upside down(God have mercy on them).They came with their fantastic tales about their “doings” in Lagos .And how they rolled with this Minister’s son at grand parties and exploring every worldly fantasy. Most of those tales, I now realize, were largely fiction. But a lot of us bought it hook, line, sinker, fisherman and the boat. We were slowly being seduced away from the life of simplicity.We all wanted to belong.I know i did more than anybody else.But I wasn’t street wise.I wasn’t as sly as Mr M,i wasn’t as daring as MR A,I wasnt as wild as Mr P,I was’t a talker like Mr T,I wasnt as smooth with the ladies as MR O(was he really that smooth?Can’t remember,but lets just assume for the lack recall that he was).

I also met this same challenge growing up in shell camp.So how was i going to bridge the gap?So how was i going to meet up,be accepted?Oh yes i remember.The Lagos boys left clues (which weren’t very helpful to me):
1.Sell your mothers expensive wrappers-My mom wasnt into expensive wrappers.
2.Sell the compressor of the fridge or AC at home-That could have attracted a death sentence-Had some hard uncles living with us.lol!
3.Sell your parents’ jewelry- again my parents were modest people.
4.Steal your Dads Forex- My Dad didnt have forex.
5.Last but not the least,steal your dads money.Go groove for two weeks then return with a cock and bull story of how you were jazzed-My Dad was Shell staff.Most shell staff back then rarely left money lying around.

I wasn’t about to get frustrated.Where there’s a will there’s a way. And i found one.The perfect crime to raise me the perfect dough to earn the perfect respect in High Society-Go sell my Dads old vinyl records.And boy, did we have a lot of them. So i took a few to test run my “breakthrough deal”.And off i went to a place in PortHarcourt called Park .I used to see lots of old records there. My interpretation was that they had lots of records cos they WERE really selling. I didnt realized later on that they had lots records because they WERE’NT selling.Well, at the end of the day i was just lucky I made enough money to pay my fare home.They cost a dime a dozen.How disappointing. I decided from that day to give up the life of crime cos I had learned the hard way that crime doesn’t pay.Haha!

What am I getting at? I am just trying to say that the wrong information about success and recognition is filtering into the social circles of the youth. Just like it did in our days. So we all have the responsibility of circulating the right information through the media,our conversations and through the life that we,the old skool(haha!) , model to these young people.If we are not willing to make our little contribution then lets not complain about it.


Can we attribute these to 8 years of IBB and OBJ?”

I saw a blog post @ http://nigeriawhatisnew.blogspot.com/ titled ”

” Why do you think Ibrahim Babangida must never rule Nigeria again? “

and some guy commented saying, 

“Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, Nigeria National Security Adviser said the country’s poor educational system as well as indices of high unemployment level, poverty, low food security arising from the country’s inability to feed its people and decaying infrastructure have all undermined the nation’s security… and … the crime situation in the country is so high that law enforcement agencies appear overwhelmed by the sad situation. Can we attribute these to 8 years of IBB and OBJ?”

My response was,

“IBB sowed , OBJ watered and satan gave the increase!”

(In fairness to OBJ though, he did a lot to prevent the nation from disintegrating)

Matrix Reloaded – A lesson in finding your purpose.

 ( I wrote this a while back. Its not recent but the lesson  is still very relevant)

I really love movies especially the Matrix trilogy.Its amazing what a movie can teach you beyond just shooting guns and blowing up things.Some lessons you learn from movies can really make a positive change in your life.

I recently watched the movie, Matrix Reloaded and it made an invaluable impression on me.It taught me a great lesson about discovering one’s purpose and destiny.Amazing!

There was this scene where the “keymaker” was being questioned by Neo, Morpheus and Trinity.They were asking him for information on how to break into a high security building.So he gave them some privileged, in depth strategy on how to successfully break into the building without being spotted. And so they asked afterward, “how do you know all these things?”. To which he replied, “it is my purpose to know”.

Wow! That answer blew me away.I finally discovered the clues that life had given me to discover my destiny.There are things that i know so well that others don’t.There are things that capture my attention but fails to capture the attention of others.There are some facts about certain aspects of life that i don’t have to make an effort to remember.You know why? Because “it is my purpose to know”.Those are clues to my talents and calling.I love music and movies a lot. I pay attention to their detail above the average person. I know a lot about them than most folks with the same exposure. And that is because I AM CALLED to be a part of the music and movie industry. No wonder i had such a strong desire to shoot movies. No wonder i always imagined myself writing songs and selling music cds.These are the clues to my calling.

What about you? Are you still struggling with discovering your purpose or finding out what you are good at? If so look within you and ask yourself the question:

What do i know so well that others don’t?
What information usually gets my attention?
What do i rarely have to make an effort to remember?
What details excite you?

The answers will reveal your destiny to you. The very thing that you are privileged to know because , ” it is your purpose to know!

The Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods by Jeffery Smith

I stumbled on this insightful video on youtube.

It confirmed my suspicions on those farm products we often to in Nigeria as ” Agric”. You remember the abnormally huge mangos and chicken broilers that grow big after just a few weeks? We celebrate such biological innovations. But do they really deserve the applause that they’ve been getting. Jeffery Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, disagrees and delivers an in-depth lecture on the dangers of genetically modified foods based on suppressed scientific research, ranging from allergies to antibiotic resistance to brain tumors. He argues for a change of diet from the synthetic foods to pure organic foods. And I buy his argument.

You’ll find this enlightening. 





This is not normal”, the Old man thought to himself.

“Why is he always receding to his room, away from the other children? This is not normal”,  the Old man thought to himself. “He’s barely been out of there since he returned from school a few days ago”. The Old man sensed something wasn’t altogether right with the Young man. He was certain of it! He should have been, after all he’d raised six children and learned from experience not to take for granted, the first signs of trouble.

To confirm his suspicion he sent for the Youth again calling out the Young man’s name to which he responded, rushing down to meet the old man. When he arrived before the old man, he was sent on a few errands and watched closely to see if he would stick around  after completing the assignment or head back to his “secret place”.  And sure enough, after the task was completed,  the Young man darted back upstairs into his room with near-lightning speed, leaving his peers.

The Old man had confirmed his suspicion. It was time to have a heart-to-heart talk with the young man.

There was a knock on the door. The Young man asked who it was and the Old man responded causing the Youth to jump to his feet , ushering in the Man-of-the-house respectfully. The Old man edged his way calmly in to the room, expecting his visit to be met with bewilderment and suspicion. And sure enough it did.

Halfway in to the room, the Old man paused. His eyes met with the Youth’s.  He read the suspicion off those delicate eyeballs and applied the principle of PARENT 101 in dealing with a difficult teenager; never go direct with your questions or else you’ll get a rehearsed answer.  So he distracted the Young man with a few questions and jokes here and there, all the while observing his defenses weakening. Then at the right moment he spoke in a soft ,yet  overpowering , fatherly  tone. “Tell me Boy… what’s the problem? Why are you not out with the others. I noticed you’ve been keeping to yourself since you got back”. The Young man suddenly dropped his sights to the carpet below to avoid eye contact. He wondered; should I tell him what I feel? Will he understand? Maybe he will or maybe he won’t. But why am I reluctant to tell? Haven’t I yearned to unburden my heart these past few days? Would it be fair to let the Old man leave without a valid answer? After a few more seconds of contemplating, he decided it was best to tell the Old man the truth.

“ I feel rejected” he said. “Like…. nobody likes me.  My folks, for some reason don’t want me around.  My siblings act like I am a stranger and what’s worse is that I am not missed. I feel like I am alone in this world. And that’s why I have been reclusive”.

“ Hmm……not exactly what I expected” , The Man-the-house mused.  “ You know what …..”, he paused, thinking of the best way to communicate his thoughts. “We all have a lot to be thankful for”.  He went on listing all the blessings that the Young man’s misery had concealed from him. After shifting the young man’s focus, he encouraged him, telling him he was always welcome to stay. With time the Youth’s face began to lighten up.

Then the Oldman said something that got the Youth thinking.  “You know, you the younger people rarely see the big picture; the world and all you have to offer it. That’s why you have way too much time to think about your problems. If you were thinking about how to be a blessing to people around you, you wouldn’t have the time worry about what you don’t have. You’d be thankful for what you have and the God-given opportunity to be of service to others. ”

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