Matrix Reloaded – A lesson in finding your purpose.

 ( I wrote this a while back. Its not recent but the lesson  is still very relevant)

I really love movies especially the Matrix trilogy.Its amazing what a movie can teach you beyond just shooting guns and blowing up things.Some lessons you learn from movies can really make a positive change in your life.

I recently watched the movie, Matrix Reloaded and it made an invaluable impression on me.It taught me a great lesson about discovering one’s purpose and destiny.Amazing!

There was this scene where the “keymaker” was being questioned by Neo, Morpheus and Trinity.They were asking him for information on how to break into a high security building.So he gave them some privileged, in depth strategy on how to successfully break into the building without being spotted. And so they asked afterward, “how do you know all these things?”. To which he replied, “it is my purpose to know”.

Wow! That answer blew me away.I finally discovered the clues that life had given me to discover my destiny.There are things that i know so well that others don’t.There are things that capture my attention but fails to capture the attention of others.There are some facts about certain aspects of life that i don’t have to make an effort to remember.You know why? Because “it is my purpose to know”.Those are clues to my talents and calling.I love music and movies a lot. I pay attention to their detail above the average person. I know a lot about them than most folks with the same exposure. And that is because I AM CALLED to be a part of the music and movie industry. No wonder i had such a strong desire to shoot movies. No wonder i always imagined myself writing songs and selling music cds.These are the clues to my calling.

What about you? Are you still struggling with discovering your purpose or finding out what you are good at? If so look within you and ask yourself the question:

What do i know so well that others don’t?
What information usually gets my attention?
What do i rarely have to make an effort to remember?
What details excite you?

The answers will reveal your destiny to you. The very thing that you are privileged to know because , ” it is your purpose to know!


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