They saw through me what I wished they hadn’t.

I wrote this a while back. Thought I’d respost it on this blog.Who know’s. Someone might get blessed by it:

We strolled out of her home crossing the tarred road to the other side of the street.We’d barely sat down on the bench next to the mallam’s kiosk,when she fired a question that caught me off-guard.I wasn’t prepared for what she was about to say.How on God’s earth was I to know she was thinking it.”You look old enough to get married”, she says,”so why aren’t you married?”. I paused for a second or two, scanning my brain for the most believable excuse.And with the most unconvincing tone,I blurted out,”I …I …eh…haven’t exactly met the right person”.She looked away suddenly ,but not before I noticed the questioning expression on her face clearly recognisable by the distinct fold between the eyes and the dimming of the lids.”What do you mean you haven’t exactly met the right person?Girls are all over the place”, she retorted.I obviously underestimated her intelligence.She wasn’t buying my crap for one millionth of a split second .I wasn’t going to shake her off that easily.Getting out of this kind of mess is not exactly the kind training you get from home or school.

Later on that evening I reiterated the event to a friend (to a guy this time as we men always do).And he told me point blank, “But Daniel you really must answer that question for yourself !”.This time i responded with a fraudulent giggle, cleverly trying to conceal the embarrasment of being caught ….a second time!

– Nigerian Philosopher

June 14, 2010


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