He never believed in me!

Woman Ignored By Man

He spoke of his lifelong philosophies,
And I listened attentively
He spoke on of his pleasant memories
And I listened further
He spoke of his trials and triumphs
Still I listened
He went on and on ‘bout things I cared little for
Yet I strained, though bored at this point, to listen
Until my moment came,or so I thought,
To spew those words that churned in my silence
But midway through my sentence his countenance dimmed
As if to say ,”you are void of intelligence”.
Then he rose to leave saying,
“It’s too late to ramble.G’night !“
That night i knew for certain that he never believed in me!

-Nigerian Philosopher



4 thoughts on “He never believed in me!

  1. Mfon Abia says:

    It’s good you now know he does not believe in you so don’t share your ideas with him again.

  2. Dear Philosopher,
    I enjoyed reading this poem. Not only that, it gave me something to think about.


    Lola Heart.

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