I cant bear to fail again !

A friend of mine received a business idea recently in his imagination.He got so

Fearing Failure

excited and decided to write it down in his notebook.

As he flipped through the notebook for an empty page he discovered he had written the same idea into his note book months ago.

That really shattered him because it revealed a weak habit of not following through on his goals and plans(i can really relate to that).

And so he thought to himself,”whats the use of even considering this goal when i know for sure that i lack the drive to follow through”.

He thought it was best not to set new goals because he didn’t think his heart could handle any more failures.

Here’s a lesson I’ve been learning over the years: Its better to fail than to do nothing because the more we fail at a worthwhile ventue, the better we become.

It is only through repeated failures that one eventually becomes a master.Perfection is an illusion.

None of us should aim for it because to pursue it is to play God.And since we are not God we must permit ourselves to risk failure if we are ever going to make meaningful progress.

Just think – In what ways have we all hindered the possibility of our success by preventing ourselves from risking failure?

We all need to change this attitude right now!

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