It’s time for change bro!

Ok! It’s 2012. New year resolutions are nothing new. I have a few of my own. But people say new year resolutions don’t work. I can understand why they say that, even though I can disprove their theory.

If  “New year resolutions” never worked, it’s because they were never resolutions in the first place. What most people often jot down at the beginning of the year is New year Wishlist, and not resolution. Resolution is a powerful word. It means “The state or quality of being resolute or simply put, firm determination. The latter gives a clearer picture.

It seems unlikely to me that one with a firm determination to do something will end up not doing that thing he/she has determined to do. Is it likely that person could lose motivation midway? I doubt it! It’s just not possible. The words to watch are firm and determined. Resolutions are children of weak wills (which I am ashamed to admit I’ve had for quite a while).  The trouble has always been that most of us made up a list of things we hoped would happen in the new year without any firm determination to back up our desires. In fact without the firm determination, desires will forever remain impotent. You will peep into the promise land, but have no capacity to enter it.

This year I have resolved to change into the man I have always desired to be. So when I say I have a New year resolution, I mean just that! I have a firm determination to instill discipline in my life, confront all my fears, stay my course till the end of the year, work on all the weaknesses that tripped me in 2012 and most importantly cultivate and constantly improve my relationship with my Creator. I realize all that I lost  in the previous year can be restored  in 2012 if I just resolve to do all that is required to make the necessary changes in my life. So I decided not to make a wish-list this time, but a resolution.

All it takes is a few years of going round in circles for one to understand that in order to make progress, there has got to be some painful sacrifices. And that no one can make those sacrifices unless he/she resolute. So it’s time to make that transition from wishlists to resolutions. I keep saying to myself…. it’s time for change bro!

– Nigerian Philosopher


2 thoughts on “It’s time for change bro!

  1. dmaensland says:

    Yes bro, i concur. Somtyms wat we call resolutions are actually wishes….lol. The HUMAN NATURE.
    Dat reminds me, av written chapter 2 of the heaven’s gate. U myte wanna check it out. Thanx

    • upwardliving says:

      Yes they are often mere wishes. And we have to keep to strengthening our resolve if we are to make things happen in the New Year. Not easy, but possible.
      Thanks, I’ll check it out soon.

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