HELP ! I NEED HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had to dig this one out of the archives. I know you will enjoy reading it: 

I remember when my dad returned from an overseas trip years ago, He just like any sensible father would, bought my siblings and i some books among other things. One of the books i’ll never forget is the one that had a story about a character called “Forgetful Joshua lane”.It was such an interesting tale that it made a huge impression on me.It’s only days ago that i began to learn my first lesson from that story. Amazing isnt it? Want to hear about the story? I’ll tell you.

“Forgetful Joshua Lane” was a story about a guy called Joshua Lane who had a serious memory problem.He was always late to work because he kept forgetting to get up early to catch the 7:AM train. So he decided to solve the problem by setting his alarm clock to ring one hour earlier,which would naturally give him enough time to prepare and get to the train station on time.

So the alarm goes off an hour earlier as scheduled and Joshua Lane rises from bed only to forget why he set the alarm. By the time he remembers why, he’s missed the train and late to work again.

Even more determined to solve his problem, Joshua Lane decides that this time he would tie a red ribbon on his thumb to remind him of the reason for the alarm.So the next morning the alarm rings on time,just as the day before. Joshua Lane rises from his slumber,looks at the ribbon on his thumb,hoping to recall the reason for the alarm, is clueless as to why he tied the ribbon on his thumb. As a result, he misses the train, and is late to work again.The tale ends leaving Joshua Lane in a desperate and helpless situation.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that Forgetful Joshua Lane needs to look for help outside of himself because he’s obviously not doing a very good job at self help.If i were Forgetful Joshua Lane, I’d scream…HELP! I NEED HELP!

Are you like Forgetful Joshua Lane? Forever doing your best and getting nowhere? Putting your best effort and having only repeated failures to show for it? Getting to your wits end when it comes to solving that never ending problem? Then you need to scream HELP! I NEED HELP! You need to be humble enough to admit that you lack the discipline, skills, knowledge or resolve to overcome that challenge.You need to ASK FOR HELP.Don’t keep banging your head against the wall and hoping things will get better.Ask God for help, ask your friends, ask your neighbour for help, ask your spouse, siblings, colleagues, your employees…..whoever.Just don’t continue the cycle of frustration.

That’s what Forgetful Joshua Lane should have done.

– Nigerian Philosopher


6 thoughts on “HELP ! I NEED HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Ugo says:

    Good one Danny bro, someone else could be or have the answer to ur problem, so U’ve got to speak out and not die in silence.

  2. mattymillard says:

    Nice little story. Important lesson is learning to ask for help when it’s needed! Thanks for the comment on my blog – hope you enjoyed the first installment of my novel! Matty

  3. Eteakamba says:

    That is a good one. Did I say I follow up..and really proud?

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