This will change your perspective about God

On one of my numerous mornings, I was pondering over life in a deep meditative state. My thoughts ran randomly on issues. I am not sure I had any particular focus, but somewhere in between the musing, my thoughts became streamlined.

I began to thing about all the things that give humans pleasure; sex, cocaine, alcohol, cars, luxurious living, food, technology, etc. I realized all these things were either created by the creator Himself or they were human creations inspired by a God-given intelligence. Wow! That simply mean that God was truly the source of all things. Really think about it and you’ll find out it’s true!

So here was my conclusion. If God is the end-source of all things that produce pleasure and excitement, it can’t be possible for Him to be boring. Can fresh water proceed out of a salt water spring? Impossible! You don’t need any great wisdom to know that a creation must reflect it’s creator; that the content must be consistent with it’s source.

So where did we grow up with the impression that God is boring? I dare say we got it from some religious experiences. Just because your religious experience is boring doesn’t mean that the God you are trying to reach out to is. It’s your religious ritual that is boring and not God. God is bigger than any religious experience.

Since we have now come to realize that God is exciting, I think it will be unwise to hold back our hearts from him. Let’s pursue Him with all we have to experience an absolutely exciting life, asking Jesus to show us the way to God’s heart!

You don’t want to miss out on the best, do you?


4 thoughts on “This will change your perspective about God

  1. Sime says:

    Wonderful post. I am at a loss concerning Abraham’s religion before he became God’s friend.

  2. Sharon Salu says:

    You’re absolutely right! God is the source of every good thing; it all points back to Him. Religion, I believe is man’s idea and not God’s idea. He made it clear from the beginning that what He wanted was a relationship with man, and you’re right: boredom is not part of that picture. Pursuing Him with all our hearts is the key to unlocking deeper mysteries to us about this Great God we serve. That process alone is definitely not boring.

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