Two questions that frightened me as a child!

Pictorial view of a Galaxy

I have always been a philosopher. If I wasn’t worrying about something, I would be thinking about something or worse still, questioning something. It’s always been in me.You know what they say about children; they often ask questions that adults never think about. And boy,  did I have my fair share of questions.

On one of those days I was just lost in thought, pondering about everything and nothing. Then two questions out of the blue popped into my head. They scared the wits out of me. I was so frightened that I chose not to think about them anymore. But I never could shake them off. They kept on haunting me for a very long time. Want to know what they were? Here you go:

1. Beyond earth you have outer space; what do you have beyond outer space?????

(Now you see how frightening this must have been for a 10 year old boy.Don’t freak out just yet,it gets worse)

2. God created the universe; so who created God????

At this point, I feared if Ididn’t stop my mind, I would soon lose it!  So I guess I must have run off to play with the other kids before I ended up in the Asylum; an attempt to occupy my mind with saner thoughts. Haha!

Funny, it’s been decades but I still feel the terror that gripped that 10 year old boy like it was yesterday.

I’ve since made peace with these questions. Ever since I got to develop a relationship with my Creator through my Christian faith, God has made me understand that  He is the Un-created Creator – the Self existent One. And as for what lies beyond outer space, I’d rather take the position of the psalmist in the Bible who said, “I do not concern myself with matters too wonderful for me”.

– Nigerian Philosopher

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8 thoughts on “Two questions that frightened me as a child!

  1. Amanda says:

    Interesting Dan! As a kid, I had also asked lots of questions and those question in particular; never got any satisfactory answers for most of them . I was told to wait till I’m grown up to under the ‘mystery’ of the universe and of God. Well, I’m grown up now and I’ve found my answers through many intuitive self research. But for those I still can’t comprehend, I’ve resolved ” not concern myself with matters too wonderful for me” and just live “life”

  2. Sharon says:

    This made me smile, especially the second question and your way of resolving them because it’s true. There are matters to wonderful for us, but God can disclose them to us if we ask and He decides to oblige that request. Thanks for sharing the link to this other blog. I am loving it already.

  3. jollof says:

    This was fun to read and I can recall asking myself these questions at some stage in my childhood. Other scary questions I asked myself include: What am I going to do with my life when I grow up? Oh wait, I’m still asking myself that question now, lol

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