Bros I need a loan…

Rrrrrring Rrrrrrrring!

(Friend No.1 picks up)

You: Bros abeg nor vex. You fit raise me like 5k dia?
Friend No.1: Cheiyehhhh! If to say you call me like yesterday, I for fit drop you somtin. I spend my last card yesterday. Sorrry!

(You hang up)

Rrrrrring Rrrrrrrring!

(Friend No.2 picks up)

You: Guy you fit raise me like 5k?
Friend No.2: As I dey so ehn…hmmm…notin, notin…I jus dry!

(You hang up)

Rrrrrring Rrrrrrrring!

(Friend No.3 picks up)

You: Bros I nor too get credit. You hol’ like 5k for dia wey man fit borrow? I go fit pay back next week.
Friend No.3: Ohhhhhh! Why e be say you dey always like ask me when money nor dey? When I hol’ scatter, you nor go gree call..

(You hang up)

Rrrrrring Rrrrrrrring!

(Friend No.4 picks up)

You: Guy my credit don almost finish. I need like 5k na na na! Borrow me I go give you next week. No gimme story o!
Friend No.4: hmmm….(laughter)…O’ boy as I see your number I jus happy. I bin dey plan call you but I nor bin get credit. Me I bin tink say you for fit borrow me like 2k wey I go take hol’ mysef dis weekend.Kai! na wa o!

Line goes dead. Credit exhausted. You jus tire for life!

You never really know the quality of friendship you have till you want to borrow some!


13 thoughts on “Bros I need a loan…

  1. Timiebix says:

    Its funny, concise but sadly real!

  2. Sharon Salu says:

    Dan: What happened to Friend No. 4? He too no get 5k abi you no even face his side? LOL! I was expecting this to end on a good note, but this na real life. At least, thank God Friend No. 5 was not asking for 10k. You for vex drop phone before the credit finish sef! You should post more of these humorous episodes o.

  3. Sharon Salu says:

    Bros, please update now. Na beg I dey take beg you! Lol!

    I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can read more details here:

    Congratulations! Happy Easter in advance.

  4. bArOquE says:

    friendship measuring parameters *smh*

    …Do not lend a book (or anything else) to a friend unless you are prepared to lose the book or the friend

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