Here’s to the crazy ones!

Just stumbled on this inspirational commercial by Apple. Never seen it before. It’s really inspiring. What genius.

” …because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do!”

Get motivated by this 59 sec video. Enjoy!


In-depth interview with Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones

I can remember the first time I stumbled on this interview with Quincy Jones on I was blown away. To hear the brains behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller album production share his journey from a poor, obscure childhood to a mega-successful adult was so refreshing and empowering. I can’t remember how many times I have reread this interview (as well as Ted Turner’s); must have been a zillion times. Haha! But I love it!

If you’ve always thought poverty (the guy actually fed on fried rats at a time, can you believe that !!!) and racism are insurmountable challenges, then Quincy Jones will change your mind.

Please read and be blessed:

 Quincy Jones

(Quincy Jones was first interviewed by the Academy of Achievement on June 3, 1995 in Williamsburg, Virginia and again on October 28, 2000 in London, England. The following transcript draws on both interviews.)

You were born in Chicago. What was your life like when you were a child?

Quincy Jones: We were in the heart of the ghetto in Chicago during the Depression, and every block — it was probably the biggest black ghetto in America — every block — it also is the spawning ground probably for every gangster, black and white, in America too. So, we were around all of that. We saw that every day. There was a policeman named Two Gun Pete, a black policeman, who used to shoot teenagers in the back every weekend and everything happened there all the time. A gang on every street: the Vagabonds, the Giles HC, the Scorpions, and just on and on. In each gang they had the dukes and duchesses, junior and senior, which accommodated everybody in the neighborhood. That was the whole idea, for unity, really. Our biggest struggle every day was we were either running from gangs or with gangs. And it was just getting to school and back home. Because if your parents aren’t home all day, you know, it’s a notorious trek. I still have the medals here from the switchblade through my hand, pinned to a tree. I had an ice pick here in the temple one time. But, when you’re young, nothing harms you, nothing scares you or anything. You don’t know any better. And in the summertime — the schools were the roughest schools probably in America. I saw teachers getting hurt and maimed and everything every day, and it was everyday stuff.

Extracted from Click here to continue the  interview:

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All Great Leaders Share One Common Message By Eric Worre

I couldn’t resist the temptation to share this insightful video. Sometimes it just takes one little bit of information to multiply your productivity. I think I found that kind of info in this video by Network Marketing & personal development guru, Eric Worre. Click on the image to watch the video

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HELP ! I NEED HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had to dig this one out of the archives. I know you will enjoy reading it: 

I remember when my dad returned from an overseas trip years ago, He just like any sensible father would, bought my siblings and i some books among other things. One of the books i’ll never forget is the one that had a story about a character called “Forgetful Joshua lane”.It was such an interesting tale that it made a huge impression on me.It’s only days ago that i began to learn my first lesson from that story. Amazing isnt it? Want to hear about the story? I’ll tell you.

“Forgetful Joshua Lane” was a story about a guy called Joshua Lane who had a serious memory problem.He was always late to work because he kept forgetting to get up early to catch the 7:AM train. So he decided to solve the problem by setting his alarm clock to ring one hour earlier,which would naturally give him enough time to prepare and get to the train station on time.

So the alarm goes off an hour earlier as scheduled and Joshua Lane rises from bed only to forget why he set the alarm. By the time he remembers why, he’s missed the train and late to work again.

Even more determined to solve his problem, Joshua Lane decides that this time he would tie a red ribbon on his thumb to remind him of the reason for the alarm.So the next morning the alarm rings on time,just as the day before. Joshua Lane rises from his slumber,looks at the ribbon on his thumb,hoping to recall the reason for the alarm, is clueless as to why he tied the ribbon on his thumb. As a result, he misses the train, and is late to work again.The tale ends leaving Joshua Lane in a desperate and helpless situation.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that Forgetful Joshua Lane needs to look for help outside of himself because he’s obviously not doing a very good job at self help.If i were Forgetful Joshua Lane, I’d scream…HELP! I NEED HELP!

Are you like Forgetful Joshua Lane? Forever doing your best and getting nowhere? Putting your best effort and having only repeated failures to show for it? Getting to your wits end when it comes to solving that never ending problem? Then you need to scream HELP! I NEED HELP! You need to be humble enough to admit that you lack the discipline, skills, knowledge or resolve to overcome that challenge.You need to ASK FOR HELP.Don’t keep banging your head against the wall and hoping things will get better.Ask God for help, ask your friends, ask your neighbour for help, ask your spouse, siblings, colleagues, your employees…..whoever.Just don’t continue the cycle of frustration.

That’s what Forgetful Joshua Lane should have done.

– Nigerian Philosopher

He never believed in me!

Woman Ignored By Man

He spoke of his lifelong philosophies,
And I listened attentively
He spoke on of his pleasant memories
And I listened further
He spoke of his trials and triumphs
Still I listened
He went on and on ‘bout things I cared little for
Yet I strained, though bored at this point, to listen
Until my moment came,or so I thought,
To spew those words that churned in my silence
But midway through my sentence his countenance dimmed
As if to say ,”you are void of intelligence”.
Then he rose to leave saying,
“It’s too late to ramble.G’night !“
That night i knew for certain that he never believed in me!

-Nigerian Philosopher


The illusion of choice.

The Merovingian at the table with Morpheous , Neyo, Trinity and Persephone

Morpheous saying, “everything begins with a choice”

The Merovingian’s introduction to the concept of “cause and effect”

Mystery lady who’s the central character in the analogy of cause and effect.

Merovingian:  You are here because you were sent here. You were told to come here and you obeyed.(Sneering giggle) It is of course the way of all things. You see there is only one constant, one universal. It is the only real truth. Causality – action reaction, cause and effect.

Morpheous: Everything begins with a choice.

Merovingian:  No, wrong. Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without.
Look there, at that woman. My God just look at her…affecting everyone around here…so obvious, so bourgeois, so boring. But wait, watch. You see, I have sent her dessert; very special dessert. I wrote it myself. It’s starts so simply….each line of the program creating an effect just like…poetry. First a rush, heat, the heart flutters, you can see it now, yes? She does not understand why. Is it the wine?  No. What is it then? What is the reason? Soon it doesn’t matter. Soon the why and the reason are gone and all that matters is the feeling itself. And this is the nature of the universe, we struggle against it, we try to deny it but of course it is pretense. It is a lie. Beneath our poised appearance the truth is that we are completely out of control.

(Inhales)Causality, there is no escape from it. We are forever slaves to it. Our only hope, our only peace is to understand it. To understand Why. Why is what separates us from them, you from me? Why is the only real source of power, without it you are powerless. And this is how you come to me? Without why, without power? Another link in the chain.


This is one of my favourite scenes from the Matrix Reloaded movie. It features

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a conversation between Neo, Morpheus and The Merovingian. I learned a powerful lesson from that dialogue; one that brought about a heightened sense of awareness that most humans don’t have.

In this scene Morpheus asserts that he, Neo and Trinity came to see The Merovingian of their own free will, implying that their choice was independent of any influence. But The Merovingian disagrees and insists that they, like all humans, have not made that choice free of any external influence. In fact he goes on to state that they are simply obeying instructions and their choice, while seeming to be a cause, is simply an effect. He then draws their attention to a lady sitting a few tables away and creates and analogy to explain the law of cause and effect (Choice being the effect).

The analogy begins with a very attractive lady sitting by the table in the company of two men. She receives a very “special” desert sent to her by The Merovingian; an appetizing chocolate cake drugged with some aphrodisiac. The unsuspecting lady takes a slice of the cake and seconds later begins to notice a strange aura overwhelming her. She wonders about this strange feeling and keeps questioning the source. Slowly the sensations build up until she is completely overcome by lusts. At that point she stops questioning the source of the desire and just chooses to yield to it.

The Merovingian likened Morpheus, Neo and Trinity’s choice to visit him to the choice of that lady who succumbed to her passion. He implies that while their choice may seem to have been a cause, it was nothing more than an effect caused by an influence that inspired their decision to come to him.

In conclusion The Merovingian maintains that no man is free of the deciding influence that causes us to choose to act in a certain way (effect). And that the only path to peace and individual power is to understand why we do the things we do. The Merovingian made a lot of sense to me. Since I have been a student of the mind and human behavior, it wasn’t hard to understand what he meant.

Most of us would like to think that our actions, thoughts and words begin with our independent choice. But the truth of the matter is that we are all influenced to make certain choices. In some cases, that choice was subconsciously made for us. A very good example is the power of advertising on consumer behaviour. Manufacturers of consumer goods have been influencing our buying decision for ages. We may never have bought a Blackberry phone, a soft drink or a pair shoes if the adverts didn’t say they were the coolest things in the world to buy. We find ourselves investing in things even when we know it doesn’t make economic sense to make such investments at that time. The men with financial and media power manipulated us, the powerless masses, into choosing a line of action. This also applies to other areas of our life like the choice of a mate, choice of a religion, your reaction to a circumstance, your perception of life, your values, your appetites, your fears and even your sexual preference. These are all subject to the dominating influence in our lives. We may have been told repeatedly that marrying from a certain tribe or race is risky and so we decide that people from that tribe or race are not qualified candidates for marriage. A lady may conclude that the male gender is undependable. That belief did not start with a choice but with the influence of an unpleasant past experience of hers or others, whether or not it is based on truth.

We may not always be manipulated into choosing a line of action. But a lot of times if we look critically at our decisions, we may realize that our choices were actually made for us by some external influence which we yielded to and carried in our heads, THE ILLUSION OF CHOICE.

Click on the image above.

My best excerpt from The Richest Man In Babylon

“So I was turned over to Sira and that day I led her camel upon a long journey to her sick mother. I took the occasion to thank her for her intercession and also to tell her that I was not a slave by birth, but the son of a freeman, an honourable saddle maker of Babylon. I also told her much of my story. Her comments were disconcerting to me and I pondered much afterwards on what she said.

“’How can you call yourself a free man when your weakness has brought you to this? If a man has in himself the soul of a slave will he not become one no matter what his birth, even as water seeks its level? If a man has within him the soul of a free man, will he not become respected and honoured in his own city in spite of his misfortune?’

“For over a year I was a slave and lived with the slaves, but I could not become as one of them. One day Sira asked me, ‘In the eventime when the other slaves can mingle and enjoy the society of each other, why dost thou sit in thy tent alone?’

“To which I responded, ‘I am pondering what you have said to me. I wonder if I have the soul of a slave. I cannot join them, so I must sit apart.’

“’I, too, must sit apart,’ she confided. ‘My dowry was large and my lord married me because of it. Yet he does not desire me. What every woman longs for is to be desired. Because of this and because I am barren and have neither son nor daughter, must I sit apart. Were I a man I would rather die than be such a slave, but the conventions of our tribe make slaves of women.’

“’What think thou of me by this time?’ I asked her suddenly, ‘Have I the soul of a man or have I the soul of a slave?’

“’Have you a desire to repay the just debts you owe in Babylon?’ she parried.

“’Yes, I have the desire, but I see no way.’

“’If thou contentedly let the years slip by and make no effort to repay, then thou hast but the contemptible soul of a slave. No man is otherwise who cannot respect himself and no man can respect himself who does not repay honest debts.’

“’But what can I do who am a slave in Syria?’

“’Stay a slave in Syria, thou weakling.’

“’I am not a weakling,’ I denied hotly.

“’Then prove it.’


“’Does not thy great king fight his enemies in every way he can and with every force he has? Thy debt are thy enemies. They ran thee out of Babylon. You left them alone and they grew too strong for thee. Hadst fought them as a man, thou couldst have conquered them and been one honoured among the townspeople. But thou had not the soul to fight them and behold thy pride hast gone down until thou art a slave in Syria.’

“Much I thought over her unkind accusations and many defensive phrases I worded to prove myself not a slave at heart, but I was not to have the chance to use them. Three days later the maid of Sira took me to her mistress.

“’My mother is again very sick,’ she said. ‘Saddle the two best camels in my husband’s herd. Tie on water skins and saddle bags for a long journey. The maid will give thee food at the kitchen tent.’ I packed the camels wondering much at the quantity of provisions the maid provided, for the mother dwelt less than a day’s journey away. The maid rode the rear camel which I followed and I led the camel of my mistress. When we reached her mother’s house it was just dark. Sira dismissed the maid and said to me:

“’Dabasir, hast thou the soul of a free man or the soul of a slave?’

“’The soul of a free man,” I insisted.

“’Now is thy chance to prove it. Thy master hath imbibed deeply and his chiefs are in a stupor.
Take then these camels and make thy escape. Here in this bag is raiment of thy master’s to disguise thee. I will say thou stole the camels and ran away while I visited my sick mother.

“’Thou hast the soul of a queen,’ I told her. ‘Much do I wish that I might lead thee to happiness.’

“’Happiness,’ she responded, ‘awaits not the runaway wife who seeks it in far lands among strange people. Go thy own way and may the gods of the desert protect thee for the way is far and barren of food or water.’

“I needed no further urging, but thanked her warmly and was away into the night. I knew not this strange country and had only a dim idea of the direction in which lay Babylon, but struck out bravely across the desert toward the hills. One camel I rode and the other I led. All that night I traveled and all the next day, urged on by the knowledge of the terrible fate that was meted out to slaves who stole their master’s property and tried to escape.

“Late that afternoon, I reached a rough country as uninhabitable as the desert. The sharp rocks bruised the feet of my faithful camels and soon they were picking their way slowly and painfully along. I met neither man nor beast and could well understand why they shunned this inhospitable land.

“It was such a journey from then on as few men live to tell of. Day after day we plodded along. Food and water gave out. The heat of the sun was merciless. At the end of the ninth day, I slid from the back of my mount with the feeling that I was too weak to ever remount and I would surely die, lost in this abandoned country.

“I stretched out upon the ground and slept, not waking until the first gleam of daylight.

“I sat up and looked about me. There was a coolness in the morning air. My camels lay dejected not far away. About me was a vast waste of broken country covered with rock and sand and thorny things, no sign of water, naught to eat for man or camel.

“Could it be that in this peaceful quiet I faced my end? My mind was clearer than it had ever been before. My body now seemed of little importance. My parched and bleeding lips, my dry and swollen tongue, my empty stomach, all had lost their supreme agonies of the day before.

“I looked across into the uninviting distance and once again came to me the question, ‘Have I the soul of a slave or the soul of a free man?’ Then with clearness I realized that if I had the soul of a slave, I should give it up, lie down in the desert and die, a fitting end for a runaway slave.

“But if I had the soul of a free man, what then? Surely I would force my way back to Babylon, repay the people who had trusted me, bring happiness to my wife who truly loved me and bring peace and contentment to my parents.

“’Thy debts are thine enemies who have run thee out of Babylon,’ Sira had said. Yes it was so. Why had I refused to stand my ground like a man? Why had I permitted my wife to go back to her father?

“Then a strange thing happened. All the world seemed to be of a different colour as though I had been looking at it through a coloured stone which had suddenly been removed. At last I saw the true values in life.

“Die in the desert! Not I! With a new vision, I saw the things that I must do. First I would go back to Babylon and face very man to whom I owed an unpaid debt. I should tell them that after years of wandering and misfortune, I had come back to pay my debts as fast as the gods would permit. Next I should make a home for my wife and become a citizen of whom my parents should be proud.

“My debts were my enemies, but the men I owed were my friends for they had trusted me and believed in me.

“I staggered weakly to my feet. What mattered hunger? What mattered thirst? They were but incidents on the road to Babylon. Within me surged the soul of a free man going back to conquer his enemies and reward his friends. I thrilled with the great resolve.

(Excerpt from The Richest Man In Babylon by George Clason