Bros I need a loan…

Rrrrrring Rrrrrrrring!

(Friend No.1 picks up)

You: Bros abeg nor vex. You fit raise me like 5k dia?
Friend No.1: Cheiyehhhh! If to say you call me like yesterday, I for fit drop you somtin. I spend my last card yesterday. Sorrry!

(You hang up)

Rrrrrring Rrrrrrrring!

(Friend No.2 picks up)

You: Guy you fit raise me like 5k?
Friend No.2: As I dey so ehn…hmmm…notin, notin…I jus dry!

(You hang up)

Rrrrrring Rrrrrrrring!

(Friend No.3 picks up)

You: Bros I nor too get credit. You hol’ like 5k for dia wey man fit borrow? I go fit pay back next week.
Friend No.3: Ohhhhhh! Why e be say you dey always like ask me when money nor dey? When I hol’ scatter, you nor go gree call..

(You hang up)

Rrrrrring Rrrrrrrring!

(Friend No.4 picks up)

You: Guy my credit don almost finish. I need like 5k na na na! Borrow me I go give you next week. No gimme story o!
Friend No.4: hmmm….(laughter)…O’ boy as I see your number I jus happy. I bin dey plan call you but I nor bin get credit. Me I bin tink say you for fit borrow me like 2k wey I go take hol’ mysef dis weekend.Kai! na wa o!

Line goes dead. Credit exhausted. You jus tire for life!

You never really know the quality of friendship you have till you want to borrow some!


I feel like Rip Van Winkle

One of the most memorable works of fiction I read as a pre-teen is a children’s

Rip Van Winkle

Illustration : Rip Van Winkle

story by Washington Irving titled Rip Van Winkle. I still remember my excitement watching the cartoon version of the story on Lagos Weekend Television (LTV) in the 80’s. Seeing one of my favorite tales come to life before my eyes was a joy unparalleled! For those of you who’ve never heard of this classic fiction, I’ll do you the honour of summarizing the tale:

The story is set in the pre- American Revolution War. Its central character is a man, Rip Van Winkle, who lives in a village at the foot of the Kaatskill Mountains along with his kids and nagging wife (Dame Van Winkle). He is well loved by the kids in the village because he often gives toys and entertains them with stories. He enjoys solitude and has a penchant for idleness which often incurs the wrath of his nagging wife. She complains incessantly about his lack of industry and neglect for his farm land which is constantly in disarray.

On one fateful autumn day, Rip escapes into the mountains with his dog, Wolf, to escape a barrage of nagging from his wife. As he wanders along he hears someone calling his name. On proceeding towards the direction of the voice, he comes in contact with a man dressed in old fashioned Dutch clothing. The man asks Rip for help and without hesitation, he assists the stranger in carrying a keg of rum all the way into a hollow-like Amphitheatre in the mountain. There he meets other men similarly dressed like the stranger, playing ninepins and drinking rum boisterously. He soon joins them in their drinking and revelry and before long, falls into a deep sleep.

He awakens and it is morning. He skin is wrinkled, his beard is long, his gun is old and rusted and Wolf is nowhere to be found. He returns to the village to find out that he has been asleep for 20 long years; his wife is now late, the American Revolution has taken place and his close friends have all died in the war. Someone calls out to a man called Rip Van Winkle who turns out to be his son, now a grown man. He is eventually taken in by his daughter who’s also now a full grown adult.

Such was Rip Van Winkle’s fate; missed out on every detail of life for 2 decades. The last he remembered, he was a young man wandering into the mountains. And now he awakens an old man unable to account for the past 20 years of his life.

I can relate to Rip Van Winkles experience because I too feel like I have been in a coma for that long; I can’t really account for the past 20 years of my life. The last I remembered I was an enthusiastic youth looking forward to an exciting future, but I am now in a future far different from what I had anticipated. There are lot of things I ought to have accomplished by now which just didn’t matter to me. Why didn’t they matter until now? Why has my mind been oblivious to the opportunities of the day? What did I do with all that time? How did the grey hairs sneak up on me undetected? Why did I never have a strong desire to get married until now? Why am I living far less than my potential while others who had far less potential at the beginning have gone far ahead? Why was I so comfortable with my self-imposed limitations? What was it that put me to sleep? Why am I suddenly waking up to the harsh reality that the time is short? Why now and not earlier? Just wondering if I am the reincarnated Rip Van Winkle.

This reminds me of Sharru Nada’s account in the all-time classic, The Richest man in Babylon. 40 years ago he arrived at Babylon a slave, and saw some labourers toiling by the gateway leading into the city. 40 years later he returns to Babylon a wealthy free man and notices the same men still toiling by the same spot; they’d had made no progress for 40 years.  God forbid that should be my testimony!

I talked this over with a friend and told him of my painful awakening and he said to me, “anytime a man wakes up, that is morning for him. No need to wallow in regrets. Forge ahead! I have decided from this point on not to allow the latter part of my life become a reflection of my past.

I am going to redeem the time!


All Great Leaders Share One Common Message By Eric Worre

I couldn’t resist the temptation to share this insightful video. Sometimes it just takes one little bit of information to multiply your productivity. I think I found that kind of info in this video by Network Marketing & personal development guru, Eric Worre. Click on the image to watch the video

The MLM Guarantee – NMPRO #605

It’s time for change bro!

Ok! It’s 2012. New year resolutions are nothing new. I have a few of my own. But people say new year resolutions don’t work. I can understand why they say that, even though I can disprove their theory.

If  “New year resolutions” never worked, it’s because they were never resolutions in the first place. What most people often jot down at the beginning of the year is New year Wishlist, and not resolution. Resolution is a powerful word. It means “The state or quality of being resolute or simply put, firm determination. The latter gives a clearer picture.

It seems unlikely to me that one with a firm determination to do something will end up not doing that thing he/she has determined to do. Is it likely that person could lose motivation midway? I doubt it! It’s just not possible. The words to watch are firm and determined. Resolutions are children of weak wills (which I am ashamed to admit I’ve had for quite a while).  The trouble has always been that most of us made up a list of things we hoped would happen in the new year without any firm determination to back up our desires. In fact without the firm determination, desires will forever remain impotent. You will peep into the promise land, but have no capacity to enter it.

This year I have resolved to change into the man I have always desired to be. So when I say I have a New year resolution, I mean just that! I have a firm determination to instill discipline in my life, confront all my fears, stay my course till the end of the year, work on all the weaknesses that tripped me in 2012 and most importantly cultivate and constantly improve my relationship with my Creator. I realize all that I lost  in the previous year can be restored  in 2012 if I just resolve to do all that is required to make the necessary changes in my life. So I decided not to make a wish-list this time, but a resolution.

All it takes is a few years of going round in circles for one to understand that in order to make progress, there has got to be some painful sacrifices. And that no one can make those sacrifices unless he/she resolute. So it’s time to make that transition from wishlists to resolutions. I keep saying to myself…. it’s time for change bro!

– Nigerian Philosopher

I cant bear to fail again !

A friend of mine received a business idea recently in his imagination.He got so

Fearing Failure

excited and decided to write it down in his notebook.

As he flipped through the notebook for an empty page he discovered he had written the same idea into his note book months ago.

That really shattered him because it revealed a weak habit of not following through on his goals and plans(i can really relate to that).

And so he thought to himself,”whats the use of even considering this goal when i know for sure that i lack the drive to follow through”.

He thought it was best not to set new goals because he didn’t think his heart could handle any more failures.

Here’s a lesson I’ve been learning over the years: Its better to fail than to do nothing because the more we fail at a worthwhile ventue, the better we become.

It is only through repeated failures that one eventually becomes a master.Perfection is an illusion.

None of us should aim for it because to pursue it is to play God.And since we are not God we must permit ourselves to risk failure if we are ever going to make meaningful progress.

Just think – In what ways have we all hindered the possibility of our success by preventing ourselves from risking failure?

We all need to change this attitude right now!

Click on the image above.

My Nokia Moments

This may seem silly to a lot of people but for guys like us who’ve spent very little time in the village and have never been close to newly born goats, I was absolutely fascinated at the sight of suckling kids in an urban area. I was so excited that I had to take a few shots from my Nokia Phone, which explains my the title “Kodak Nokia Moments”.

Enjoy the view!

Goats : Young Kids

Nokia Moments : Goats : Young Kids 2

Nokia Moments : Goats : Young Kids suckling their mother

Nokia Moments : Goats : Young Kids suckling their mother 2

Isn’t God wonderful! Just look at his creation. Even the minutiae of life reveals His wisdom. It takes a blind fool not to see it. And he promises in the scriptures that even if our mother were to reject us, he would be more than willing to adopt us!

Click on the image above.

“Just do it”, said Gabriel Okara

Renowned Poet, Gabriel Okara .

Whenever I tell people I once had a conversation with Gabriel Okara, they act shocked. It’s almost like they think a guy like me could never have crossed paths with the legendary poet. If only they knew that legendary poet was once my neighbour. And that’s long before I even knew he was famous or cared anything for poetry. But I did meet the legendary poet and I have the trophies to prove it ( referring to my poems that is. hehe).Anyways, I’ll tell you of my meetings with him.

I’d just been introduced to the beauty of poetry after I watched two movies given to me by a friend and neighbour; Dead Poets Society featuring Robin Williams and GreenCard featuring Gérard Depardieu. The movies awakened a strong desire to write poems after that. And since I was a rookie , it seemed expedient that  I get some professional advice on writing good poems. So I went over to Dr Okara’s home and asked him for advice. He was more than helpful. He even went as far as editing a line in one of my poems ( a line which grabs  attention any time I show it to my friends).

Apathy set in not long after. I slowed down on my writing, thinking I lacked the skill and knowledge to write anything meaningful. So I thought maybe a book on writing poems was what I need to turn me into a Maestro. Dr Okara didn’t share the same view. In fact when I ran into him in the estate a few days later, he told me something that changed my paradigm about the path to excellence in poetry.

“Young man how is the writing going” he asked.  I told him I had slowed down a bit, looking for a book on writing better poems and if he had any I’d be glad if he could lend it to me. He switched to mentor-mode and said to me, “I’ll tell you a story”.  “Many years ago when I began to write poems consistently, I had a friend who admired my writings. He thought he felt inspired to write poems and asked if he could borrow one of my books so he could read it and learn how to write good poems. So he borrowed the book and guess what?”. What, I asked.” It’s been many years since then; he is still reading that book and hasn’t written one line of poetry. So what am I saying? If you want to write poems, go ahead and write poems. The way to write better poems is to keep writing. You don’t necessarily need a book to teach you how to write poems. Just keep writing and you’ll get better at it. In other words , he was saying, Just do it. So I took the old man’s advice and truly, I got better at the craft.

Come to think of it, that rule applies to more than just poetry. It’s a universal law of progress. I’ve noticed from my network marketing experience that most people spend way too much time trying to get a PhD before deciding to pursue their craft. Truth is, you can’t learn it all in one day. Life is an on-the-job- training.  You get better as you get going. Some things can’t be learned in school because the map is not the territory.  If you want to be it, you’ve got to Just do it!

– Nigerian Philosopher