All Great Leaders Share One Common Message By Eric Worre

I couldn’t resist the temptation to share this insightful video. Sometimes it just takes one little bit of information to multiply your productivity. I think I found that kind of info in this video by Network Marketing & personal development guru, Eric Worre. Click on the image to watch the video

The MLM Guarantee – NMPRO #605


Simon Sinek on “How great leaders inspire action in their followers”.

I am a ardent student of Youtube University. I guess you could describe youtube as a university because there is such a huge library of life-transforming information there. I’ve a learned a lot from their educational videos over time. I keep scanning through in search of new videos.

One day I stumbled on a TEDX video featuring Simon Sinek. He was talking about how great leaders inspire action in their followers, using Martin Luther King and the Apple Corporation as case studies. It was really a mind blowing experience. The statement that still stands out today in my head is “people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it”. Simon Sinek really knows what he is saying. And if we want to learn how to influence our followers better (positively of course) then this video will give us a better insight into the matter. He explains it all in the video below:

HELP ! I NEED HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had to dig this one out of the archives. I know you will enjoy reading it: 

I remember when my dad returned from an overseas trip years ago, He just like any sensible father would, bought my siblings and i some books among other things. One of the books i’ll never forget is the one that had a story about a character called “Forgetful Joshua lane”.It was such an interesting tale that it made a huge impression on me.It’s only days ago that i began to learn my first lesson from that story. Amazing isnt it? Want to hear about the story? I’ll tell you.

“Forgetful Joshua Lane” was a story about a guy called Joshua Lane who had a serious memory problem.He was always late to work because he kept forgetting to get up early to catch the 7:AM train. So he decided to solve the problem by setting his alarm clock to ring one hour earlier,which would naturally give him enough time to prepare and get to the train station on time.

So the alarm goes off an hour earlier as scheduled and Joshua Lane rises from bed only to forget why he set the alarm. By the time he remembers why, he’s missed the train and late to work again.

Even more determined to solve his problem, Joshua Lane decides that this time he would tie a red ribbon on his thumb to remind him of the reason for the alarm.So the next morning the alarm rings on time,just as the day before. Joshua Lane rises from his slumber,looks at the ribbon on his thumb,hoping to recall the reason for the alarm, is clueless as to why he tied the ribbon on his thumb. As a result, he misses the train, and is late to work again.The tale ends leaving Joshua Lane in a desperate and helpless situation.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that Forgetful Joshua Lane needs to look for help outside of himself because he’s obviously not doing a very good job at self help.If i were Forgetful Joshua Lane, I’d scream…HELP! I NEED HELP!

Are you like Forgetful Joshua Lane? Forever doing your best and getting nowhere? Putting your best effort and having only repeated failures to show for it? Getting to your wits end when it comes to solving that never ending problem? Then you need to scream HELP! I NEED HELP! You need to be humble enough to admit that you lack the discipline, skills, knowledge or resolve to overcome that challenge.You need to ASK FOR HELP.Don’t keep banging your head against the wall and hoping things will get better.Ask God for help, ask your friends, ask your neighbour for help, ask your spouse, siblings, colleagues, your employees…..whoever.Just don’t continue the cycle of frustration.

That’s what Forgetful Joshua Lane should have done.

– Nigerian Philosopher

It’s time for change bro!

Ok! It’s 2012. New year resolutions are nothing new. I have a few of my own. But people say new year resolutions don’t work. I can understand why they say that, even though I can disprove their theory.

If  “New year resolutions” never worked, it’s because they were never resolutions in the first place. What most people often jot down at the beginning of the year is New year Wishlist, and not resolution. Resolution is a powerful word. It means “The state or quality of being resolute or simply put, firm determination. The latter gives a clearer picture.

It seems unlikely to me that one with a firm determination to do something will end up not doing that thing he/she has determined to do. Is it likely that person could lose motivation midway? I doubt it! It’s just not possible. The words to watch are firm and determined. Resolutions are children of weak wills (which I am ashamed to admit I’ve had for quite a while).  The trouble has always been that most of us made up a list of things we hoped would happen in the new year without any firm determination to back up our desires. In fact without the firm determination, desires will forever remain impotent. You will peep into the promise land, but have no capacity to enter it.

This year I have resolved to change into the man I have always desired to be. So when I say I have a New year resolution, I mean just that! I have a firm determination to instill discipline in my life, confront all my fears, stay my course till the end of the year, work on all the weaknesses that tripped me in 2012 and most importantly cultivate and constantly improve my relationship with my Creator. I realize all that I lost  in the previous year can be restored  in 2012 if I just resolve to do all that is required to make the necessary changes in my life. So I decided not to make a wish-list this time, but a resolution.

All it takes is a few years of going round in circles for one to understand that in order to make progress, there has got to be some painful sacrifices. And that no one can make those sacrifices unless he/she resolute. So it’s time to make that transition from wishlists to resolutions. I keep saying to myself…. it’s time for change bro!

– Nigerian Philosopher

He never believed in me!

Woman Ignored By Man

He spoke of his lifelong philosophies,
And I listened attentively
He spoke on of his pleasant memories
And I listened further
He spoke of his trials and triumphs
Still I listened
He went on and on ‘bout things I cared little for
Yet I strained, though bored at this point, to listen
Until my moment came,or so I thought,
To spew those words that churned in my silence
But midway through my sentence his countenance dimmed
As if to say ,”you are void of intelligence”.
Then he rose to leave saying,
“It’s too late to ramble.G’night !“
That night i knew for certain that he never believed in me!

-Nigerian Philosopher


I cant bear to fail again !

A friend of mine received a business idea recently in his imagination.He got so

Fearing Failure

excited and decided to write it down in his notebook.

As he flipped through the notebook for an empty page he discovered he had written the same idea into his note book months ago.

That really shattered him because it revealed a weak habit of not following through on his goals and plans(i can really relate to that).

And so he thought to himself,”whats the use of even considering this goal when i know for sure that i lack the drive to follow through”.

He thought it was best not to set new goals because he didn’t think his heart could handle any more failures.

Here’s a lesson I’ve been learning over the years: Its better to fail than to do nothing because the more we fail at a worthwhile ventue, the better we become.

It is only through repeated failures that one eventually becomes a master.Perfection is an illusion.

None of us should aim for it because to pursue it is to play God.And since we are not God we must permit ourselves to risk failure if we are ever going to make meaningful progress.

Just think – In what ways have we all hindered the possibility of our success by preventing ourselves from risking failure?

We all need to change this attitude right now!

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“Just do it”, said Gabriel Okara

Renowned Poet, Gabriel Okara .

Whenever I tell people I once had a conversation with Gabriel Okara, they act shocked. It’s almost like they think a guy like me could never have crossed paths with the legendary poet. If only they knew that legendary poet was once my neighbour. And that’s long before I even knew he was famous or cared anything for poetry. But I did meet the legendary poet and I have the trophies to prove it ( referring to my poems that is. hehe).Anyways, I’ll tell you of my meetings with him.

I’d just been introduced to the beauty of poetry after I watched two movies given to me by a friend and neighbour; Dead Poets Society featuring Robin Williams and GreenCard featuring Gérard Depardieu. The movies awakened a strong desire to write poems after that. And since I was a rookie , it seemed expedient that  I get some professional advice on writing good poems. So I went over to Dr Okara’s home and asked him for advice. He was more than helpful. He even went as far as editing a line in one of my poems ( a line which grabs  attention any time I show it to my friends).

Apathy set in not long after. I slowed down on my writing, thinking I lacked the skill and knowledge to write anything meaningful. So I thought maybe a book on writing poems was what I need to turn me into a Maestro. Dr Okara didn’t share the same view. In fact when I ran into him in the estate a few days later, he told me something that changed my paradigm about the path to excellence in poetry.

“Young man how is the writing going” he asked.  I told him I had slowed down a bit, looking for a book on writing better poems and if he had any I’d be glad if he could lend it to me. He switched to mentor-mode and said to me, “I’ll tell you a story”.  “Many years ago when I began to write poems consistently, I had a friend who admired my writings. He thought he felt inspired to write poems and asked if he could borrow one of my books so he could read it and learn how to write good poems. So he borrowed the book and guess what?”. What, I asked.” It’s been many years since then; he is still reading that book and hasn’t written one line of poetry. So what am I saying? If you want to write poems, go ahead and write poems. The way to write better poems is to keep writing. You don’t necessarily need a book to teach you how to write poems. Just keep writing and you’ll get better at it. In other words , he was saying, Just do it. So I took the old man’s advice and truly, I got better at the craft.

Come to think of it, that rule applies to more than just poetry. It’s a universal law of progress. I’ve noticed from my network marketing experience that most people spend way too much time trying to get a PhD before deciding to pursue their craft. Truth is, you can’t learn it all in one day. Life is an on-the-job- training.  You get better as you get going. Some things can’t be learned in school because the map is not the territory.  If you want to be it, you’ve got to Just do it!

– Nigerian Philosopher