Why Women’s handbags should come with Google search

I thought this was interesting!

The Crazy Nigerian

Google handbagsHave you been in a queue at the supermarket and had a woman in front of you rummaging through her handbag for her credit card?

Have you dropped a woman off at her place after a romantic evening and waited while she ransacked her handbag for her front door key?

Have you had to place several phone calls to a woman whom you had no idea couldn’t answer your phone call because she hadn’t found her phone in her handbag?

What is it with women and big handbags? Why do they seem to keep getting bigger and bigger? It wouldn’t hurt for somebody to tell the manufacturers to stop increasing the depth of these handbags because of the externalities that result from their production i.e. the shoppers queuing behind at the teller point, the driver waiting to zoom off, and the concerned friend at the end of an unanswered…

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This poem always challenges me to demand more from myself!

The poem below is an extract from the Success Classic, Think & Grow Rich.

Any time I am resigned to a mediocre existence and I come across this poem, it jolts me back to life and demands that I raise the bar on my expectations and sense of deservingness ; reminding me of the possibility of living above and beyond my current, perceived limitations.

I don’t want to get to the end of my life filled with regrets, knowing that I could have had more but settled for less.

“I bargained with life for a penny
And life would pay no more
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty score.

For life is a just employer
And will give you what you ask
But once you have set the wages
You must bear the task.

I worked for a menials hire
Only to learn dismayed
That any wage I would have asked of life
Life would have willingly paid.”

– Jessie B Rittenhouse

Finding God Beyond Gravity by Roy Masters

I got to know about Roy Masters about a year ago. I find his perspective on life , science , mind and spirit very refreshing. I just  learned he has a new book, Gravity Driven Universe. I found this interesting  excerpt from the book and thought I’d repost on this blog. Enjoy reading!

 conservative talk-radio show host, author, and founder of the Foundation of Human Understanding.

conservative talk-radio show host, author, and founder of the Foundation of Human Understanding.

Because people used to believe that the earth was flat, mariners were afraid to sail beyond the horizon for fear of falling off the edge of the world. The “authorities” of that age were also convinced the earth was flat; they rejected theories that stated otherwise, and they were certainly not interested in proof they were wrong.
Twentieth Century scientists who assume a Godless universe are like those “authorities” of old who believed in a flat earth. The more the evidence points to a universal design, and therefore a Designer, the more these kinds of scientists become petrified and frozen in their 20th Century belief system. Although modern physicists have studied the mysteries of the photon, electron, and quark, they are now stuck at the border of the greater mystery—the source of all this energy. Many are simply afraid to see there is more to science than knowledge of the facts—afraid to delve honestly into the metaphysics of physics. If God exists, then He must have created science and thus, honest scientific inquiry will lead directly back to Him.
The 20th Century has revealed many remarkable discoveries, from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to Quantum Physics, all edging us closer to understanding the origin of the universe. Generations of modern physicists probed deeper into the mysteries of nature’s building blocks, and each time these physicists thought they fully understood their discovery. But then startling revelations led the next generation still deeper into the mysteries of atomic and subatomic particles.

There is small, smaller, and smallest, and then…nothing— or so these physicists say—just a passive void in the vast micro-interior which is part of the vast macro-exterior void of space. But how can super-energized subatomic complexities be the spawn of a passive nothing? Many physicists attribute universal force to a big explosion of some kind, but whatever the original energizing force is, two things must be true about it. First, something caused it, and that something has to be prephysical (or metaphysical). And second, that prephysical cause must be the basis of all the physical laws of the universe. In other words, it must be the Ultimate Relative—all creation being the expression of the Creator.
The next generation of physicists must take a final scientific step, and face the only thing left that truly exists beyond the theoretical void—the reality of God Himself. His living universe is not void space, but rather a force of primordial energy continually flowing throughout the universe.
Like the authorities of Columbus’s day, most modern scientists do not listen enough to that “still small voice within,” the same “voice” that urged Columbus on that “unseeable way” he followed despite his own fears. Columbus had vision, a knowing faith compelling him to go beyond. He knew without knowing why he knew, and he acted, not completely understanding the hand that pressed him forward.
This quality of vision-faith will be needed to create the new physics of the next century, needed to take that step into the unknown so that it might be known. However, in this final voyage we have no vessel, as Columbus did, to transport us, no compass to guide us, no tangible destination to verify our theory. How then shall we proceed? Shall we cringe on shore, staring at the horizon, stopped at the threshold of this ultimate adventure just because we cannot see or prove what lies out there?
 Or shall we venture forth unafraid, sailing a theoretical vessel into the unknown of new physics?
Unlike the physics of the great philosopher scientists, like Albert Einstein and others before him, modern physics tends to limit itself to mathematical calculations as the pathway to discovery. Yet, what physicists study as creation is only the physical phenomenon, rather than its noumenon (or cause of the phenomenon). The noumenon of a God-created universe is unfathomable to a secular scientist. Just as a mountain climber can reach the top of a mountain but, having no wings, can go no further, so also are many physicists ill-equipped to scale the reality of the originating other dimension. Their typically mathematical approach to the time/space/matter relationship cannot penetrate the noumenon of the “before now”—the other dimensional reality before time.
The purely mathematical mind cannot cross this border; neither can those who practice the more empirical methods of discovery. Instruments of science are made of subatomic particles; they can only measure what they know, in other words, what they are themselves. The “beyond” is beyond them.
Once we stand at the border of the “beyond,” staring out over the very edge of creation, we need more than empirical study and ordinary theory; we need the very highest and purest form of scientific enlightenment. Speaking to us through that “still small voice,” God guides our intuitive mind across the dimensional border to a deep comprehension of His magnificent creation and its ultimate principles. In the final analysis, mathematical formulas and scientific instruments cannot go where the soul can venture.
Currently, physics stands just about as close to the edge as it can get, having followed the cosmological trail of relative effects and causes. We have traced our physical reality almost all the way back to its Source. Yet, we shrink from this Source, looking for more superficial causes and effects— more knowledge. We avoid the philosophically obvious— that there must be an ultimate Uncaused Cause, a permanent root simplicity that relates to the physical universe just as the mathematical “zero” gives reality to the “one,” and together they cause the whole complexity of mathematics to be born.
At the beginning of the 20th Century, Einstein began his journey of relatives, but he did not finish his voyage into the unknown dimension. Now as our knowledge increases, as we chart the 21st Century, physics needs to take on a “religious” quest because at the core of Einstein’s profound theories there is a Missing Relative. The aim of this book is to seek out this Missing Relative that unifies physics, to seek out this Simplicity that explains the science it created.

Can we attribute these to 8 years of IBB and OBJ?”

I saw a blog post @ http://nigeriawhatisnew.blogspot.com/ titled ”

” Why do you think Ibrahim Babangida must never rule Nigeria again? “

and some guy commented saying, 

“Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, Nigeria National Security Adviser said the country’s poor educational system as well as indices of high unemployment level, poverty, low food security arising from the country’s inability to feed its people and decaying infrastructure have all undermined the nation’s security… and … the crime situation in the country is so high that law enforcement agencies appear overwhelmed by the sad situation. Can we attribute these to 8 years of IBB and OBJ?”

My response was,

“IBB sowed , OBJ watered and satan gave the increase!”

(In fairness to OBJ though, he did a lot to prevent the nation from disintegrating)

The Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods by Jeffery Smith

I stumbled on this insightful video on youtube.

It confirmed my suspicions on those farm products we often to in Nigeria as ” Agric”. You remember the abnormally huge mangos and chicken broilers that grow big after just a few weeks? We celebrate such biological innovations. But do they really deserve the applause that they’ve been getting. Jeffery Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, disagrees and delivers an in-depth lecture on the dangers of genetically modified foods based on suppressed scientific research, ranging from allergies to antibiotic resistance to brain tumors. He argues for a change of diet from the synthetic foods to pure organic foods. And I buy his argument.

You’ll find this enlightening.